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Lung Function Testing

Full Lung Function

This test is made up of several small tests. The fist measures how your airways respond during forced breathing then repeated after ventolin. The next you are closed in a glass booth and asked to breathe against a closed shutter. The next you are asked to hold your breath to assess how your lungs absorb oxygen

FeNO: Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide

For this test, you will breathe out into a tube that is connected to the portable device. It requires steady but not intense breathing. It has few or no risks

Flow Volume Loops (Spirometry)

You will be asked to blow out as hard and as fast as you can and continue blowing until your lungs are emptied. You may need to do this several times. This is then repeated after you have been given some ventolin

Respiratory Muscle Strength

For this test we will be measuring the strength of your diaphragm and respiratory muscles by asking you to perform a maximal inspiratory and expiratory manoeuvre against a closed shutter


This test is to investigate if you have reactive airways. You will be asked to breathe in a dry powder and after 60 seconds you will be asked to blow into a machine. You will repeat this multiple times

6 Minute Walk Test

Your doctor would like us to check your oxygen levels and heart rate while doing light exercise. You will have an oximeter probe attached to your finger to observe oxygen saturation and pulse readings during the test. You will be asked to walk briskly for 6 minutes. 

On the day of the test please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are able to be taken on and off easily as we will need to take your height and weight on the day with your shoes off. 

If you are doing a walk test (6 minute walk test) please wear shoes that are also comfortable to walk in. 

For standard lung function testing we ask that you do not smoke or exercise for 1 hour prior to your test. 


Please do not use your Ventolin, Asmol or Bricanyl for 4 hours prior to the test, unless your breathing becomes distressed. 

If you are having a Bronchialprovocation test (Mannitol Challenge), Allergen Skin Prick Test or FeNO (Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide) test please see the withholding chart for specific times to withhold your medication. 

Please know or bring a list of your usual inhaler/puffer medications on the day. 

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